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  • The MOL "Free to a Good Home" (Freecycle) Thread

  • Virtual Cafe
  • Random things children say (#4-ish)
  • ALS Association: Share your Ice Bucket Challenge here...if you dare! ;-)
  • Photo - clouds at sunset
  • Joan Rivers on life support
  • Mental Health First Aid Training offered
  • Supposed PSEG call
  • Dishwasher technique
  • Happy Birthday to nohero!!

  • Word and Picture Games
  • Word Association: Music Edition

  • Pets and Animals
  • Lost dog
  • August 26 was National Dog Day! Let's see yours!
  • Cat adopters or fosters needed urgently.
  • Pudgie has been adopted!!!
  • Young, sleek, ebony kitten looking for a lap--maybe yours?
  • LOST CAT, Please keep an eye out - Lost Bowdoin Street, Maplewood - 8/27, 11pm
  • Mostly Maplewood
  • Mini Maplewoodstock next weekend?
  • Friendly cat walked onto our patio today
  • Water Purity Testing
  • Is the pool open today

  • Specifically South Orange
  • Is the name of Irvington Ave. still being changed?
  • gunshots or fireworks last night around 1:30 on West End Road
  • brown/ white male pitbull running loose in South Orange

  • Millburn/Short Hills
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    West Orange
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    Food, Dining & Travel
  • What is Chipotle restaurant?
  • Raw Milk in NJ?
  • Blue Apron
  • Local Sunday Brunch
  • Flight Diverted due to Passenger Fight over use of "Knee Defender"
  • beach recommendation
  • Cheap Places to Eat in Washington D.C

  • Technology & the Internet
  • Robotic Warfare -- Military Will Be Changing as Will Combat, Weapons Systems
  • Highly Recommended Accessory Site -

  • Finance
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  • Clinton Elementary Families
  • Clinton Elementary School 4th Grade School Supply List?
  • Teacher Assignments for Marshall and Jefferson
  • Middle School schedule revamp. No more alpha, or is this a rumor?
  • Lunches for CHS incoming freshmen
  • Does CHS really have to start at 7:30am?

  • Work
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    Arts & Entertainment
  • The year in movies - thumbs down
  • Watching The Leftovers and just finished The Returned (French) need recs to tide me over
  • New Starz TV Series - Outlander (based on historical fiction series starting in Scotland)
  • Doctor Who (2014) - The Twelfth Doctor's era begins
  • Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" appearing at Scriveners!

  • Please Help
  • Language learning app or software - for French
  • ATM that dispenses $10s?
  • Clinton teacher assignment letters
  • Car service from Newark Airport
  • Actual nanny reference in ads?
  • readings at weddings
  • Tax estimate vs visit?
  • Keeping Raccoons out of the garbage
  • ASL Sign Language Teacher??
  • Cabs at Maplewood / SO train stations?
  • Place to ride bikes with kids
  • (I Found Out) What Happened to 2014 Homestead Rebates?
  • Where to buy scrubs?
  • Address in WO for donation of children's books?
  • Shoulder Impingement - Recommend your Dr., PT., Etc.
  • Type1diabetes infusion set for Medtronic?!
  • Can you recommend your mason?
  • How to get perfect silky and glossy hair for a 13 yr old?
  • Walk-in clinic for school sports physical?

  • Lost and Found
  • found stray brown and white pitbull in south orange

  • Home Fix-it
  • Attic venting -- powered fans or not?
  • Electric Meter That Connects to My Computer
  • Front Step Railings

  • Plants & Garden
  • Do Your Roses Have Rose Rosette Virus?
  • Reading Room
  • What to read next?
  • Google's ngram application -- Who gives a...?? fill in the blank!

  • Sports
  • Statutes forbidding backyard archery in Maplewood?
  • where to swim, now that the pools are closed??
  • Meet the Mets (For Mets Fans Only!)

  • Local History
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  • How To Park Like a Tool

  • Soapbox: All Politics
  • Billionaire threatens charity donations if Pope continues support for the poor
  • All cats are libertarians.
  • The Ground Invasion of Gaza has begun
  • Yet another data point on how our worst President, Reagan, destroyed the middle class.
  • What is being said in the Rose Garden? What's happening in Washington?
  • What person or persons from the WWI era do you admire
  • What if ISIS shows up in NYC?
  • is Kissinger right? is a new world order forming?
  • "It's Just like Stalinism, Slavery, Holocaust, Nazis, Chinese Re-Ed Camps, and Gay Mafia!"
  • Ferguson, MO


    Help Wanted

    Babysitter 49

    Cleaning Services 3

    Elderly Care 2

    Nanny 49

    Office Work 6

    Other 24

    Employment Wanted

    Babysitter 22

    Cleaning Services 38

    Elderly Care 13

    Nanny 89

    Office Work 1

    Other 30


    GO VIDEO - $25.00


    Power Lift Recliner - $175 or best offer

    Thomasville Dining Room Set - $600 or best offer

    Antique oak cabinet - $300

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    Orlando resort - 7 nights - 3 bedroom unit for rent - $1,100.

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